Despite the fact that patients treated with DBS are a sicker group when compared to patients undergoing interventional procedures, the results are comparable despite the disparity in risk profile in the two groups

The 5-year survivals of patients with DBS are 88% similar to the results observed in contemporary bypass and angioplasty. (April 2000 clinical cardiology). Study comparing two DBS registries in Pittsburgh and the angioplasty registry at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (American Journal of Cardiology 2002 May 15) shows that 1-year survival and adverse event outcomes are comparable. But 17.2% of angioplasty patients underwent a repeat angioplasty procedure, whereas only 6.3% of DBS patients underwent repeat DBS. Also twice as many patients in the angioplasty group reported using nitroglycerin short-term compared to the EECP group

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